Doug Kalitta Sunday Indy

Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.682 sec. at 329.42 MPH
Q2: 3.730 sec. at 329.26 MPH
Q3: 3.693 sec. at 329.58 MPH
Q4: 4.224 sec. at 196.82 MPH
Q5: 3.853 sec. at 254.62 MPH

Bonus Points: 7 pts. (Second best of the first session, second best of the second session, fourth best of the third session)
Starting Position: 5th
First Round Matchup: Richie Crampton
Quotable: “The Mac Tools team had a very solid qualifying portion to our Indianapolis weekend. I know we have a car that can compete with the field; we just have to go out, run our race and hopefully pickup four win lights."
Note: The 3.682 second elapsed time reset Kalitta's career-best elapsed time.

Shawn Langdon Sunday Indy

Shawn Langdon, driver of the Global Electronic Technology Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 8.087 sec. at 87.02 MPH
Q2: 3.778 sec. at 289.82 MPH
Q3: 3.748 sec. at 274.00 MPH
Q4: 4.968 sec. at 140.52 MPH
Q5: 5.011 sec. at 138.67 MPH

Starting Position: 9th
First Round Matchup: Brittany Force
Quotable: "We have a tough draw in round one, but mission accomplished, we made the Countdown. We made some good runs in qualifying; some good early numbers. Today, we were not able to capitalize, but we will get it fixed and give it a good run against Brittany in round one."
Note: Shawn clinched his spot in the NHRA Countdown for the Championship

Richie Crampton Sunday Indy

Richie Crampton, driver of the SealMaster Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 4.109 sec. at 227.50 MPH
Q2: 3.756 sec. at 329.91 MPH
Q3: 3.769 sec. at 287.05 MPH
Q4: 4.656 sec. at 155.76 MPH
Q5: No run; set out due to mechanical malfunction

Starting Position: 12th
First Round Matchup: Doug Kalitta

Quotable: "I am pretty excited to be back racing; especially racing for Connie Kalitta here in Indy with this SealMaster Toyota. We are qualified to race on Monday, which is huge. Hopefully, we will have all of our stuff in line and ready for raceday tomorrow." 
Note: The 329.91 MPH from the second qualifying pass reset Crampton's career-best MPH. 

JR Todd Indy Sunday

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 3.865 sec. at 332.34 MPH
Q2: 5.281 sec. at 137.11 MPH
Q3: 4.899 sec. at 159.04 MPH
Q4: 3.956 sec. at 316.60 MPH
Q5: 3.989 sec. at 279.56 MPH

Starting Position: 6th

First Round Matchup: Brian Stewart
Quotable: "The performance of the car has definitely improved through testing. That really helped us get to this point. Our run on Friday night set us up good on the ladder."

"It is nice to clinch the Countdown before raceday, so hopefully we can get after it. It is going to be hot tomorrow, so that will definitely be the equalizer that hopefully will play into our hand." 
Note: The 3.865 second elapsed time reset Todd's career-best elapsed time. Todd has clinched a spot in the NHRA Countdown for the Championship.

Alexis Dejora INDY Sunday

Alexis DeJoria, driver of the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 3.881 sec. at 332.34 MPH 
Q2: 3.940 sec. at 323.50 MPH
Q3: 5.293 sec. at 159.04 MPH
Q4: 3.923 sec. at 325.61 MPH
Q5: 3.906 sec. at 325.06 MPH

Bonus Points: 2 pts. (Fourth best of the second session, Fourth best of the fifth session)
Starting Position: 9th

First Round Matchup: Ron Capps

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Mello Yello Championship Points

Top Fuel (Unofficial)

1. Steve Torrence (896)
2. Clay Millican (786)
3. Tony Schumacher (760)
4. Doug Kalitta (717)
5. Leah Pritchett (663)
6. Antron Brown (588)
7. Terry McMillen (552)
7. Brittany Force (552)
9. Scott Palmer (461)
10. Mike Salinas (421)
11. Richie Crampton (418)

Funny Car (Unofficial)

1. Courtney Force (937)
2. Jack Beckman (736)
3. Robert Hight (717)
4. J.R. Todd (694)
5. Ron Capps (693)
6. Matt Hagan (669)
7. Tommy Johnson Jr. (611)
8. Cruz Pedregon (508)
9. John Force (502)
10. Bob Tasca III (500)
11. Shawn Langdon (493)